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Here you can see how each week's matches break down. You can see who made what picks, what matches are coming up, and what the results of each week's matches were.

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How to use this page:

Clicking on the week in question will bring up a listing of all matchups for the week. Actual NFL games will appear across the top, and 1-On-1 Pool matchups run down the side.

Before games are played, the chart will look like this:

Once the games are completed, the winners will be highlighted. Highlights will indicate NFL games won, correct picks by players, and the winner of the 1-On-1 Pool matchup.

Wins are highlighted in green, while ties are highlighted in yellow.

After the games are completed, the chart will look like this:

Here you can see that "John Q" beat the "Wooly Bullies" by a score of 10 to 9. If the Bullies had picked Carolina instead of Green Bay in the Monday night game, then they too would have had 10 correct picks, and the winner would have been determined by whose MNF score pick was closer to the actual MNF total score.

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