Hi all, and welcome to the second week of our season. Home renovations are going to be taking up a lot of time in the upcoming weeks, so we'll likely have some pretty basic write-ups. But, we only have three divisional matches on tap this week, so we can give them a full look-see:

It's not very often that you find a match with this much importance this early in the season, but that's what we have brewing in the AFC North. This is second consecutive divisional match for both Mean Machine and JPP's Missing Fingers, and each of them posted a nice win last week. That means that the winner here is going to start off the season with a sweet 2-0 record in the division, giving them a solid advantage early on. JPP's Missing Fingers has to be feeling pretty good going into this one -- he's on a four-match winning streak going back into last year, and he got the season sweep over Mean Machine in 2016.

Another player looking to start off 2-0 in their division is Cutler's Revenge, who is looking to keep his rookie run going by taking on the veteran StuB. For his part, StuB needs a bounce-back after a league-low six-pick performance last week. Interesting fact: The last time StuB won a season-opening match was 2012 -- the year he went on to win the Super Bowl.

At the opposite end of the Week 1 performance spectrum is last week's Player of the Week, Heisendad, looking to defend his NFC West lead from Fighting Sporks. Now in his sophomore season, Heisendad is looking to rebound from a dismal rookie year where he finished dead last in the league. He certainly started this year off right, but now he's got to get past a two-time Super Bowl champ who swept him last year. In a rare event, Fighting Sporks missed the postseason in 2016 -- be sure that he's not looking to repeat that again this year.

Ok, that'll about do it for the early preview. Make sure you have your Thursday Night Football pick submitted by noon on Thursday. Enjoy, all!

(Tip for rookies: If you didn't see the final Week 1 write-up, you can find links to previous weeks at the very bottom of this page.)

Well, the Thursday pick chart is updated, but unfortunately is has one of the highest number of no-shows we've ever experienced. Three players are defaulting to picking the Texans, and they'll be ineligible to win this week's Player of the Week award (EDIT: Upon further review, that number has been lowered to two -- one player sent their pick in via Messenger and we didn't see it until after the update).

Good luck tonight, all!

All right, the weekend picks are in and we have a polar-opposite pair of specialty matches on board. On the one end, we have a One-Hit Wonder Match of the Week -- Mike C and Boardwalkers picked this week nearly identically. This one comes down to Tennessee/Jacksonville game, with Mike C needing the Jaguars and Boardwalkers hoping for a Titans victory.

On the other end are Fishlady and Shucky Duckies, whose nine differences make for our Diverse Picks Match of the Week (NOTE: Yes, there is also a 10-difference match on the pick chart, but a DPMotW doesn't count no-shows).

Ok, that'll do it for this week's preview. Enjoy the games, and good luck everyone!


Thursday Night Football: Two weeks into the season, two Thursday games, two big upsets. No one throught Houston could overcome everything that happened in their city recently...except for the eight players who picked them.

No matches settled here, so check back on Sunday to see who gets the early win.

1:00 Games: Four matches in the books here, with Boardwalkers, Shucky Duckies, Ragesters, and Secretly Victorious each putting together a nice victory.

Playing the favorites was the right call for this session -- at this point, we have fifteen players who have gone eight-of-nine on their picks so far. But, there's one player who has done one better. She hasn't won her match yet, but at this point, Brenda's Bulldogs is a perfect nine-for-nine. Nicely done!

The updated pick chart shows what we have going on so far.

4:00 Games: A lot of action here as I Will Win It All, Mean Machine, Cutler's Revenge, Turf Toe, Brenda's Bulldogs, Vlad M, Heisendad, and Ignats each did enough damage to walk away victorious.

8:30 Game: The Falcons hang on to top the Packers, allowing Alabama Slammers, Evil Squad of Evil, and Beep Bops to chalk up wins.

One match left, coming down to MNF total score!

Monday Night Football: While it was a lousy night for Bad Mice sitting in Met Life Stadium, at least the Giants' anemic performance kept the score total low enough for him to get the win here.

After dropping his season opener last week, Vlad M bounced back with a vengeance, going a league-best 14-of-16 en route to grabbing the Week 2 Player of the Week award -- nicely done!

All right, that'll wrap things up for this week. Check the finalized pick chart, see how you're looking at this early stage of the season in the Standings, and get a jump on posting your Week 3 picks. Have a great week everyone!

North South
Brenda's Bulldogs
I Will Win It All
What's Football?
JPP's Missing Fingers
Mean Machine
Cutler's Revenge
East West
Ethan C
Mike C
Why Not Zoidberg?
Mary L
Vlad M
Lyle Alzado
Secretly Victorious
North South
Pigskin Palookas
Alabama Slammers
Rabid Ferrets
Beep Bops
East West
Bad Mice
Evil Squad of Evil
Jeff B
Turf Toe
Fighting Sporks
Shucky Duckies

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