Hi all, and welcome to Week 4!

Three unbeaten players, and five still searching for that first win -- hopefully you're on the right side there, but if not, there's still time left to right the ship.

Now, it's been a hectic week here at 1-On-1 HQ, so we're getting up against the clock on posting this preview. So just to get something out there, we're just going to list out the divisional matches, and hopefully get full previews written before the games begin.

Divisional contests this week are:

AFC North: Brenda's Bulldogs vs. JPP's Missing Fingers
AFC North: I Will Win It All vs. Mean Machine
AFC South: StuB vs. What's Football?
AFC West: Secretly Victorious vs. Why Not Zoidberg?
NFC North: Rabid Ferrets vs. Pigskin Palookas
NFC North: Ignats vs. Bassturds
NFC West: Heisendad vs. Shucky Duckies
NFC East: Hyena vs. Ragesters

So while we get things taken care of on this end, you get on over to the pick submission page and get your Thursday Night Football pick in by noon on Thursday. Have a good one everybody!

The picks are in, and we have one specialty match on the board this week. For the second week in a row, it's a Diverse Picks Match of the Week; and for the second week in a row, it features Fishlady. If you recall last week, she picked an outrageous number of upsets, and came away with a decisive win. So while Fighting Sporks might have an excellent track record in this pool, you can understand if he might be feeling slightly less confident than he was before he read this paragraph.

All right, the Week 4 pick chart is all set for you -- we have an all-day affair starting in the morning with another London game getting under way at 9:30am, so have a great Sunday, and good luck all!


Thursday Night Football - 1:00 Sunday Games: It's been another brutal one this week, with the vast majority of players hitting on only three or four out of ten so far.

But, two players did enough to put away their opponents, with Fishlady and Mary L closing things out early.

Check the updated Week 4 pick chart, and take a look back later to see how things continue to unfold.

4:00 Games: An absolute ton of action here, as wins were put on the board by Rabid Ferrets, Alabama Slammers (Correction: Vlad M won, not Alabama Slammers -- apologies to those affected. All pages have been updated to correct this), Beep Bops, Boardwalkers, Brenda's Bulldogs, Mean Machine, Evil Squad of Evil, What's Football?, Why Not Zoidberg?, Bassturds, Shucky Duckies, Turf Toe, and Hyena.

That leaves just one match undecided -- it could end tonight, or it might go to MNF. Check back to see when the week wraps up!

8:30 Game: The Seahawks win in a blowout, giving the final win of the week to Cutler's Revenge. He's also one of the two players -- along with Mary L -- who is in the running for Player of the Week. Check back tomorrow to see who comes out on top there!

What a heartbreaker for Mary L! If you didn't see it, let me set the stage: In order to win Player of the Week, Mary L needed a total score of 44 or under, while Cutler's Revenge would win with 45 or over. With one play left in the game, Washington was down 43-40 -- if they failed to get a miracle TD, then Mary L would win. Snap, lateral, lateral, lateral, fumble, recovery by the Chiefs, ran back for a touchdown! Final total: 49 points, giving Cutler's Revenge the Week 4 Player of the Week award -- nicely done!

In addition to Player of the Week, Cutler's Revenge is now the sole remaining undefeated player and owns the top spot in the Power Rankings -- watch out for the rookie this year! Will we have a repeat of 2009 where we saw a rookie take it all the way to the title? If he can play the rest of the year the way he has in this first quarter, then it'll be in the bag.

Before we wrap things up for the week, we have an IMPORTANT NOTICE regarding next week's deadline. Veterans of the pool may recall that each year in early October we pack up 1-On-1 HQ and head out for a weekend camping trip. We'll be leaving early Friday afternoon, and won't be back until Sunday evening. What this means for you is that there will be an early deadline for Week 5.

Your pick for Thursday Night Football will be the same as usual -- Thursday at noon Eastern. However, your weekend picks need to be in by noon on Friday. In previous years, we've occasionally stayed in a hotel for this trip, giving us internet access -- that will not be the case this year. If we don't have all your picks in by the noon Friday deadline, you're going to default to picking all the away teams (the smart move is to just get all your picks in when you're submitting your Thursday pick -- if you decide to make changes Friday morning, you can still do so).

The Week 5 pick submission page is updated and ready, if you decide to get this out of the way early.

Ok, that should do it for the first quarter of the season! The pick chart is now finalized, and we have your updated Standings ready for your approval (or disapproval, as the case may be). Have a great week everyone!

North South
Brenda's Bulldogs
I Will Win It All
What's Football?
JPP's Missing Fingers
Mean Machine
Cutler's Revenge
East West
Ethan C
Mike C
Why Not Zoidberg?
Mary L
Vlad M
Lyle Alzado
Secretly Victorious
North South
Pigskin Palookas
Alabama Slammers
Rabid Ferrets
Beep Bops
East West
Bad Mice
Evil Squad of Evil
Jeff B
Turf Toe
Fighting Sporks
Shucky Duckies

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