Hi all, and welcome to Week 5!

Just like the NFL, there's only one 4-0 team left in our league with Cutler's Revenge performing the rookie romp perfectly. Two winless teams on the chart as well, and if you're one of them, then your playoff chances are about as slim as can be -- but they're still there. It's amazing what a couple of back-to-back wins can look like come mid-season.

Before we get the preview going in earnest, I'm just going to reiterate what I've already said on facebook and in the e-mail everyone got: Get your picks in early this week. We'll be leaving on a camping trip early Friday afternoon, so the absolute, lock-'em-in deadline for your weekend picks is noon on Friday. Be smart -- when you put in your Thursday pick, make picks for all of them. If you decide to make changes before the deadline on Friday, cool, that's perfectly allowed. But don't sleep on the early deadline, or you're going to default to all the away teams.

Ok, enough on that. Let's take a good look at our divisional contests this week (all both of them):

The NFC West is showcasing a "first vs. worst" match with the division-leading Evil Squad of Evil is looking to keep his three-match winning streak going over the last-place Fighting Sporks. The division basement is not the place you generally find Fighting Sporks, and he's got quite the ladder to climb if he wants to make noise later on in the season. In his favor at the moment? A three-match winning streak over Evil Squad Of Evil. Both of these players have several season sweeps over the other, so it'll be interesting to see if whoever gets the win here is able to repeat when they meet again in Week 15.

In the NFC North we have the middle-ground players facing off. Both Bassturds and Rabid Ferrets are 2-2, both are 1-0 in the division and 2-1 in the conference, and both are coming off of a win. In fact, the only reason Rabid Ferrets is ahead in the standings is a razor-slim one-pick advantage overall. Like the match above, Rabid Ferrets is currently streaking in head-to-head matches against Bassturds, who hasn't seen a win in this contest since Week 8 of the 2015 season.

All right, that'll do it for the early preview. Remember -- Thursday Night Football deadline: Thursday at noon. All other picks deadline: Friday at noon. The wise move: heading over to the pick submission page right now and getting something in there, just in case.

Until then, enjoy!

All set for Thursday Night Football -- check the pick chart to see if you have anything on the line tonight. Don't forget, deadline for the weekend's picks is Friday at noon.

Nearly everyone got the picks in, the pick chart is updated, and we gotta get on the road. Have a great weekend and good luck everyone -- look for an update late Sunday. Enjoy all!


Thursday Night Football & Sunday Games: We're back from our trip and have a lot to catch up on here. Picking up wins so far this week were Deesato, Mike C, Ethan C, Evil Squad of Evil, Boardwalkers, Vlad M, Brenda's Bulldogs, JPP's Missing Fingers, Bad Mice, Mary L, Bassturds. And in the "Bad Beat" file, we had Turf Toe lose his match against no-show Shucky Duckies (nine road teams coming out on top will do that).

Two matches coming down to MNF, so check back afterward to see who closes out the week with a "W".

Monday Night Football: A far-more-entertaining-than-it-deserved-to-be game brought us our two final winners of the week, with Heisendad and Hyena coming out on top. Congratulations to all of this week's winners!

In a week where the average number of correct picks was 7 out of 14, it was Deesato's very impressive 12 picks that will be bringing home the Player of the Week award here. Nicely done!

All right, that'll wrap up another week here in the pool. The finalized pick chart is ready for your approval, the Standings are updated, and the Week 6 pick submission page is available if you'd like to get a jump on your picks. Have a great week everyone!

North South
Brenda's Bulldogs
I Will Win It All
What's Football?
JPP's Missing Fingers
Mean Machine
Cutler's Revenge
East West
Ethan C
Mike C
Why Not Zoidberg?
Mary L
Vlad M
Lyle Alzado
Secretly Victorious
North South
Pigskin Palookas
Alabama Slammers
Rabid Ferrets
Beep Bops
East West
Bad Mice
Evil Squad of Evil
Jeff B
Turf Toe
Fighting Sporks
Shucky Duckies

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