Hi all, and welcome to Week 6!

Cutler's Revenge's rookie winning streak ended last week, meaning we have no more undefeated players left in the league. We're two weeks away from our first "If the playoffs were held today..." chart, and while many players are performing admirably, no one has a guaranteed spot on that list yet. Of course, when you compare previous years' Week 8 standings vs the final playoff picture, you find out that it's a lot better to pick strongly at the end of the season than it is at this point. Appearing in the first chart definitely doesn't guarantee you a spot in the last one! Ok, let's move on to our divisional matches for this week:

We'll get things underway in the AFC East where the bottom two in the division are trying to make a move upward with Deesato taking on Ethan C. They're both coming off of wins, which is of course a good thing, but it would be more helpful for them if everyone in the division weren't coming off of a win. Deesato is in better shape right now -- he put up a Player Of The Week performance last week and a win here would put him at a .500 record. If Ethan C doesn't come out on top here, he'll have lost head-to-head against everyone in the division, leaving him with a pretty deep hole to try and climb out of.

The AFC South had an opposite week as the East did, with all four players now coming off of losses. This week we have the questionable-picks-that-work-out-brilliantly rookie Fishlady looking to bounce back from a disappointing MNF heartbreaker last week. But she's still only one match behind the division lead, so a win here would do wonders to help her to keep pace. Standing in her way is the mightily-struggling StuB, who is now on an eight-match losing streak stretching back into last season. He's now the league's sole winless player, and if he wants to make a return to the playoffs this year, then he's pretty much in the "zero mistakes" zone.

In the AFC West we have two players heading in the wrong direction, as both Lyle Alzado and Secretly Victorious are coming off of multiple losses. Lyle Alzado came out on top her season opener, but hasn't picked up a win since. While 1-5 doesn't necessarily mean "eliminated", it's definitely not a place you want to be, so this is a pretty critical one for her. For Secretly Victorious' part, she was #1 in the league just two short weeks ago, but back-to-back losses have dropped her down into the middle of the pack. Still, she's only one match back in the division, so a win here would have her right back into contention.

Up in the NFC North, Bassturds has bounced back beautifully from an 0-2 start. He's now cranked out three-straight wins, and taken over the top spot in the division. Heading in the opposite direction is Pigskin Palookas, who hasn't seen a "W" since the season opener. Two reasons for optimism Pigskin Palookas can have this week: He has a lifetime 10-6 record over Bassturds, and while he may be in last place in the division, he actually has two more correct picks on the season overall than Bassturds.

Ok, that's going to take care of the early portion of the preview. The Week 6 pick submission page is ready for both your Thursday Night Football pick and your full weekend picks. We're back to a regular deadline schedule now, so remember -- TNF pick is due in by noon on Thursday, and the rest by 5:00pm eastern on Saturday.

Thursday picks are in, so take a look and see if you've got anything on the line tonight. Good luck!

All the picks are in, and we've got an awful lot of agreement on the board this week, leading to a whopping three separate One-Hit Wonder Matches of the Week:

--Turf Toe wins with the Chargers, Boardwalkers wins with the Raiders
--Deesato wins with the Rams, Ethan C wins with the Jaguars
--Lyle Alzado wins with the Steelers, Secretly Victorious wins with the Chiefs

Most of this week's matches will be decided by a small number of games, so take a look at the completed pick chart and check back after the 1:00 games to see how the week is shaping up. Good luck everyone!


Thursday Night Football through 4:30 Sunday Games: Talk about a brutal week so far.

If you look toward the bottom of the pick chart, you'll see the numbers showing how many players picked each team. So far this week, the underdog in those picks have come out on top in 9 out of 12 games. Seven correct picks is the top right now, with four or five being the most common result. Both of the remaining games have heavy favorites, so we'll have to see if the upsets keep coming.

But just because we had a lot of surprises doesn't mean we didn't see a lot of winning performances. Picking up victories to this point were Turf Toe, Rabid Ferrets, Bassturds, Ignats, Deesato, Jeff B, Evil Squad of Evil, Lyle Alzado, and Mary L. Check back after the Giants/Broncos to see if the upsets keep coming!

(But don't count on it.)

Sunday Night & Monday Night Football: Count schmount -- the upsets did keep coming. It would take an exceptionally crazy week for a five-for-fourteen performance to be good enough to win a match, but that's exactly what we saw here.

Mean Machine picked up one one the lowest scoring-total wins ever, but who cares? A win is a win! Joining him with the final victories of this week were Ragesters, Why Not Zoidberg?, and StuB. Congratulations to all of this week's winners!

Want to know how tightly packed the picking was this week? While four wins was enough for a win, eight was enough for Player of the Week. Two players hit that number, but it was Bassturds who picked the higher score total and came away with this week's award.

Ok, another week in the books! Take a look at the final pick chart, see how you're doing in the updated Standings, and make an early entry with the Week 7 pick submission page. Have a great week everyone!

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