It's "all the marbles" time! After four months of picking and planning, we're down to our final two players to see who gets their name carved into the annals of 1-On-1 Pool history.

AFC #1 Seed Mary L vs. NFC #2 Seed Boardwalkers:
It's no coincidence these two made it here. When we look back at the season's Player of the Year race, it was Boardwalkers who finished in first place (174 picks) and Mary L who came in second (173 picks). And if we add in this year's postseason performance, these two are in a dead heat with 176 correct picks apiece.

So, after a stellar season by both players, wouldn't it be fitting if this championship match came down to each player picking a different team? With this match riding not on total score or total yardage, but on the winner of the game? In our previous 13 seasons, there have only been four matches in which the final two players picked different winning teams. Nine matches came down to score, but this one is going on the rarer side with Boardwalkers and Mary L going in different directions with their pick.

So it comes down to this: If the Patriots win, then it will be Boardwalkers hoisting the banner; and if the Eagles win their first Super Bowl, then Mary L will be doing the same.

Score totals don't matter...total yardage won't enter into it. Just two players, each with opposite rooting interests to determine which one gets their name on the Facebook banner.

Good luck to both players, and check back on Monday for the official update. Have a great Super Sunday everyone!


And by "on Monday", clearly we meant "in a week and a half or so".

So after a healthy delay in which we've begun to come to grips with the phrase "Super Bowl Champion Philadelphia Eagles", we can now get to putting this season to bed. And as we said above, this one had a clear dividing line -- so once the Eagles knocked down that final Patriots' TD attempt, this one became official. We can now say...

CONGRATULATIONS TO MARY L, your 2017 1-On-1 Pool Super Bowl Champion!

It was a final gutsy pick -- in a long string of gutsy picks that got her to this point -- that got her to this point. Now, just two seasons after she took her rookie campaign all the way to the Conference Championships, she's made it to the pinnacle of the pool. Congratulations, Mary L!

And with that, we close the curtain on another great season in the 1-On-1 Pool. We'll be updating the pool's financial spreadsheet this evening (2/14), and contacting everyone who either owes or is owed money shortly thereafter (if you don't hear anything by Friday, then it likely won't happen until Monday -- we'll be traveling this weekend).

For everyone else, look for the 2018 invite hitting your inbox in August. Have a fantastic offseason everyone, and thanks for playing!

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