Hi all, and welcome to Week 13. Last week was a crazy one, with a ton of players pulling big upset wins, all of which made for big changes to the playoff picture. Let's see how it shook out with a look at this week's "If..." chart:

While the NFC was hardly affected at all, big changes took place in the AFC, with nearly every spot being shaken up. JPP's Missing Fingers has extended his winning streak to seven matches, and as a result is now sitting atop the AFC in the #1 seed spot, while Brenda's Bulldogs stumble has sent her down to the #5 spot.

Black And Blues Brothers turned around back-to-back losses at just the right time, picking up the win that sent him to the top of the AFC South and into the #2 spot, knocking Louisville Islands out of the division lead down to the #6 slot.

Lyle Alzado picked up a big divisional win in the incredibly tight AFC West, moving her into the #3 seed and sending Indiana Jems out of the picture.

We have some exceptionally important divisional matches to look at this week, so let's check them out:

We'll begin in the AFC North with what is certainly our match of the week, if not the match of the year up to this point. Both JPP's Missing Fingers and Brenda's Bulldogs have been absolutely steamrolling the competition this season, both putting up long winning streaks and putting together a pair of league-best 9-2 records. That's all about to end for one of them this week. One of these two almost certainly will win the division title, and the other will be in excellent position for a Wild Card spot. Which one will be which? A major part of determining that is on the line this week. These two will meet in a rematch in the season closer, and it's extremely likely that we'll be talking about the winner of this one locking in the #1 seed with a season sweep.

Week 8...seems like it was just yesterday, doesn't it? We had Louisville Islands leading the AFC South via what would be a six-match winning streak, while Hoodie's Hoodlums was way, way behind, having just picked up only his second win on the year. Jump forward five weeks, and it's a much different picture. Louisville Islands has been knocked off her perch and needs a win here to try and move back up, while Hoodie's Hoodlums has put together a five-match winning streak of his own. He now finds himself in a position where he could come off his bye next week and lead the division the week after. For a division that once looked like a three-player race, player four has definitely made his way back into the conversation.

The AFC West is still featuring the tightest competition in the league, with 6-5 records in the top two spots and 5-6 in the bottom two. We have one from each group here, with second-place Indiana Jems looking to stop Why Not Zoidberg? from getting his first divisional win. There's no way to call how this will effect the standings -- things are simply too close in here. But whoever comes away the winner here will be within one week of potentially taking over the top spot.

For awhile, the AFC East kind of looked like "Vlad M and the also-rans". It was just two weeks ago that the bottom three in this division were also the bottom three in the entire league's Power Rankings. But now, things aren't looking so one-sided. Buttfumbler has stacked up a couple of wins to threaten from second place, and now the bottom two here are facing off in a fight for a division that is still anybody's to take. Mike C has been in dead-last place in the league for six of the last eight weeks -- but after a stellar Player Of The Week performance last week, he could very well be engineering a turnaround. Deesato also put up a nice win last week to keep himself in the hunt, and a win here would be a nice push -- especially if Vlad M were to happen to drop one this week.

In the NFC North, Delta Dawgs is looking to pull off the season sweep over Ignats, a move that would put him only a tiebreaker away from the division lead. Ignats has posted back-to-back wins, and if he can make it back-to-back divisional wins, then he'll move up a spot and be within striking distance of the lead.

It was a sorry state in the NFC South last week, as all four players suffered painful losses. The division-leading Alabama Slammers has dropped two-in-a-row now, leaving himself vulnerable should Beep Bops get a win over Ragesters here. As the only players in the division to not be currently sitting in a playoff slot, Ragesters is certainly in a do-or-die position here. This division is proving to be particularly unforgiving, and he can't afford many more losses.

Finally, the NFC West is featuring the division-leading Fighting Sporks looking to stay perfect in the group by getting the season sweep over Heisendad. No matter the outcome, Fighting Sporks will still be atop the division at the end of the week via tiebreakers -- but if Heisendad wins this one, then there's a potential for there to be three players at .500, all vying for that top spot.

All right, that'll about do it for this week's preview. As usual, Thursday pick is due in by noon on Thursday, so head on over to the pick submission page and get them posted. Enjoy, everybody!

Only one match has a difference from the Thursday night game -- are you involved in it? Check the pick chart and see!

Wow...that is one difference-light pick chart this week! All told, only 29 differences on the chart this week, meaning we have a ton of specialty matches to check out this week. Let's start out with the six, count'em, six One-Hit Wonder Matches of the Week. Here's what we've got:

--Bad Mice with the Giants vs. Alabama Slammers and the Dolphins.
--Hoodie's Hoodlums taking the Bengals vs. Louisville Islands with the Chargers.
--Hyena is counting on the Texans to pull off a big upset, while Vlad M is hoping the Colts get the job done.
--Turf Toe needing the Steelers vs. Buttfumbler rolling with the Ravens.
--Finally we have a matching pair stemming off of Monday Night Football, with both JPP's Missing Fingers and Heisendad needing the Bills in order to win, against Brenda's Bulldogs and Fighting Sporks who are looking to the Patriots for victory.

But even beyond all of these, we have two Monday Night Madness Matches of the Week! These matches have zero pick differences, and will be coming down to MNF score total.

First up is Rabid Ferrets needing the defense to come alive and keep the score to 45 or under, vs. Green Bowl Tokers who will be celebrating every score as he looks for the total to be 46 or better.

At the same time, we have match with the potential for a tie, if the score total happened to be exactly 44. Above that, and Evil Squad of Evil will emerge victorious, while if the score stays below it, then it will be Black And Blues Brothers racking up the win.

Going to be an interesting one this week, so take a look at the complete pick chart and check back on Sunday night to see how things are coming together. Good luck all!


All Games: Haven't been able to run an update all weekend, so everything is getting lumped together. Picking up wins this week were Alabama Slammers, Beep Bops, Black And Blues Brothers, Brenda's Bulldogs, Delta Dawgs, Fighting Sporks, Louisville Islands, Lyle Looking for a Player of the Week? Why Not Zoidberg? He topped the pack with a very impressive 12-of-14 performance this week.

Huge wins this week by Brenda's Bulldogs, who has reclaimed the top spot in the AFC and becomes the first 10-win player this season; as well as Turf Toe, who now has a five-match lead in the NFC East with five weeks left in the season. One more win, and he's got the division title locked up!

All right, that'll do it for another week in the pool. Check the finalized pick chart, see how the Standings are shaping up, and get your Week 14 picks submitted. Enjoy everyone!

North South
Brenda's Bulldogs
I Will Win It All
Louisville Islands
JPP's Missing Fingers
Mean Machine
Hoodie's Hoodlums
Black And Blues Brothers
Mike C
Why Not Zoidberg?
Indiana Jems
Vlad M
Lyle Alzado
Secretly Victorious
North South
Delta Dawgs
Pigskin Palookas
Alabama Slammers
Rabid Ferrets
Beep Bops
LV-426 Xenomorphs
East West
Bad Mice
Evil Squad of Evil
Jeff B
Turf Toe
Fighting Sporks
Green Bowl Tokers

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