Hi all, and welcome to Week 2! As we said in the preseason, these write-ups will likely be shorter than they have in the past, but we'll still try to post what you're used to when we can.

We'll start in the NFC South, which proved itself to be the powerhouse division last week. All four players came away with a victory -- something that won't be the case this week when all four see divisional action against one another.

The top two in the division after last week were Beep Bops and Ragesters, and these two couldn't have played it any more evenly. The only reason Beep Bops is in the division leader seat is because he called the MNF total score last week closer than did Ragesters. In every other statistical point, these two are in a dead heat, which should make for a really interesting matchup this week where the winner should conclusively put their stamp on the division lead.

However, that's not a foregone conclusion. If Alabama Slammers can put up a Player Of The Week-worthy performance, he could close up the pick total gap in the division and he could be the one with the early-season divisional lead. Of course, LV-426 Xenomorphs will have a little something to say about that. He actually put up better pick numbers than Alabama Slammers last week, and the only reason he's not higher up the chart is because his win was over an out-of-conference opponent.

The AFC East is another division where all four teams are facing off against one another, starting with the only player to pick up a win last week, Vlad M, taking on four-time division champ Mike C. Meanwhile, sophomore player Buttfumbler will be looking to do something he's yet to accomplish -- put up a victory over Deesato. What it comes down to here is Vlad M is the only one who has a change to be in the least bit comfortable after this week. A 2-0 start is a great way to begin a season, and there will be at least one player here beginning their run in a difficult 0-2 hole.

At the end of this one, the NFC East should be down to one undefeated player. Last week, Jeff B and Hyena were the only ones in the division to pick up wins, and now they'll be facing off to see who can conclusively call themselves the division leader.

We'll wrap this up in the NFC North where the division-leading Ignats is looking to do what he couldn't do last season -- put up a win over Pigskin Palookas. Last time around, Pigskin Palookas went undefeated in divisional matches, while Ignats went 0-6. It'll be interesting to see what kind of a rebound season will happen this time around.

All right, that's going to do it for this preview. Head on over and get your Week 2 picks submitted, and enjoy your week!

Waaaaaaay waywayway back in 2004, I had made a comment about how perhaps one day there would be a game that was a difference in every single match that week. It never happened before, aaaaand...it still hasn't happened.

BUT, this week we've come much closer than we ever have before. Tonight's Giants/WFT game has no bearing on the Ignats/Pigskin Palookas match, nor on the Delta Dawgs/Green Bowl Tolkers match. The other fourteen matches? Yup, this one is a difference. We've never come anywhere near 14 of 16 before, so this one is going to have a huge impact on the league this week. Take a look at the Thursday pick chart to see how things are shaping up, and good luck to everyone that picked the Giants!

All our picks are in, and once again we have two specialty matches on the board.

First up is our Diverse Picks Match of the Week, this time featuring the aforementioned Jeff B/Hyena divisional matchup. These two went in different directions in nine of this week's games, creating the makings for what could be a major blowout.

On the flip side of that is our One-Hit Wonder Match of the Week between StuB and Fighting Sporks. These two (like practically every other pairing) had a difference on Thursday night. What neither of them knew at the time was that would turn out to be their only difference!

So the full pick chart is now ready for your approval -- good luck on Sunday (unless you're match is already in the books!).


Thursday Night Football: Oh look, yet another NYG/Washington game where the league has to come out days later and say "Whoopise, our bad Giants, our incompetent referring has cost you a win! Sorrrrrryyyy!"

But, only the official result counts, so that official WAS "win" gives a One-Hit victory to Fighting Sporks, who we hope feels really, really bad about winning in such a fashion.

(Note: He totally doesn't.)

FOLLOW-UP: Whoops, Fighting Sporks did NOT win in this session -- we missed that this was a two-difference match! Buuuut....

1:00 Games: ....it didn't matter. Fighting Sporks got the two-pick sweep here for the win, joined by Vlad M, I Will Win It All, Black And Blues Brothers, Alabama Slammers, Turf Toe, Pigskin Palookas, and JPP's Missing Fingers.

4:00 Games: Three more in the books with Beep Bops, Deesato, and Delta Dawgs getting early-season wins.

Two games left to setting the remaining five open matches. Take a look at the updated pick chart and check back to see if any of them are settled before MNF.

8:30 Game: One more in the books as Hyena rode the Baltimore Upset Express to start the season 2-0.

Four matches left for tomorrow night's game -- check back afterward to see how the week wraps up!

Monday Night Football: The Packers made a big rebound for the win, and the score went in favor of the higher pick totals, giving the final wins of the week to Louisville Islands, Brenda's Bulldogs, Evil Squad of Evil, and Lyle Alzado.

Nice job by I Will Win It All this week, whose 12-of-16 performance was good enough to earn him Player of the Week -- nicely done!

All right, two weeks in the books! Still a ton of time left to make a move -- it's almost a guarantee that someone currently in last place in their division will end up winning it, and a current division leader will finish in 4th -- we see it every year. So keep those picks coming in, and keep getting them correct! The Week 3 Pick Submission Page is now available, as are the finalized pick chart and Weekly Standings.

Have a great week everyone!

North South
Brenda's Bulldogs
I Will Win It All
Louisville Islands
JPP's Missing Fingers
Mean Machine
Hoodie's Hoodlums
Black And Blues Brothers
East West
Mike C
Why Not Zoidberg?
Indiana Jems
Vlad M
Lyle Alzado
Secretly Victorious
North South
Delta Dawgs
Pigskin Palookas
Alabama Slammers
Rabid Ferrets
Beep Bops
LV-426 Xenomorphs
East West
Bad Mice
Evil Squad of Evil
Jeff B
Turf Toe
Fighting Sporks
Green Bowl Tokers

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