Hi all, and welcome to Week 6! With the new 18-week schedule, we'll officially be 1/3rd of the way through the season at the end of this week, and will start to have a good indication of who is on the right track, and who needs to step things up.

This also begins the bye week period, where each week there will be two to six players that won't actually be competing. Picks still need to be put in though, in order to build up your season pick total. This week, it will be Beep Bops, Alabama Slammers, Buttfumbler, and Heisendad that can rest on the sidelines.

We have six players facing off in divisional action this week, starting off in the AFC South where Louisville Islands is looking to pick up her third-straight win and try to make a move for the division lead. In her way is Hoodie's Hoodlums, who could really use a victory here after dropping his previous three matches and would be in a major hole were he to fall to a 1-5 record.

The AFC West is the tightest division in the league, with a single win separating first place from last. In between those two, we have Secretly Victorious and Why Not Zoidberg?, who will both be rooting for a loss by Lyle Alzado this week. Were that to happen, then the winner here will find themselves sitting atop the division at the end of the week.

Up in the NFC North, we have Rabid Ferrets looking to regain the division lead with a win over Pigskin Palookas. This has turned into a two-tiered division, and Pigskin Palookas could find himself in trouble heading into the second part of the season if he doesn't manage to pick up a victory this week.

Ok, that'll do it for this preview. Remember to get your Thursday pick submitted by noon on Thursday, and have a great week everyone!

Your picks are in and the pick chart is updated. No real reason to click on it though...you don't have a difference in this one. Every person in the league will be cheering their loudest for Tom Brady, just like they all do every single time history's greatest QB takes the field.

And as always, Fuck The Eagles.

The full pick chart is now live, and we have a couple of specialty matches for your viewing pleasure this weekend.

First up is our One-Hit Wonder Match of the Week, the aforementioned AFC South battle in which Louisville Islands is looking to make it four-in-a-row courtesy of the Jaguars, while Hoodie's Hoodlums is hoping the Dolphins can lead the way into a mid-season turnaround.

On the opposite end of the scale is our Diverse Picks Match of the Week. In a regular week, eight differences would be just shy of making the cut for this qualifier, but in a 14-game bye week, that's more than 50% of the matches and so it counts. This week we have Green Bowl Tolkers and Mean Machine showing the most disagreement in the league.

And that'll do it for this preview -- check back after the 1:00 games to see how your week is shaping up, and good luck everyone!


Thursday Night Football through 1:00 Sunday Games: It's been an interesting early session, with the vast majority of players hitting on seven or eight out of nine to this point. We even had one player that is running a perfect nine-of-nine to this point (I won't throw the Announcer's Curse on him, but the name rhymes with Surf Moe).

Three players that have gone eight-of-nine so far were going up again opponents that won't be able to overcome that sort of play, and have already locked their opponents out. Getting the early wins into the books have been Evil Squad of Evil, JPP's Missing Fingers, and Louisville Islands.

Check back later to see who gets it done in the afternoon session.

4:00 Sunday Games: Another half-dozen wrapped up here with I Will Win It All, Pigskin Palookas, Indiana Jems, Delta Dawgs, Green Bowl Tolkers, and Brenda's Bulldogs each getting it done.

Five matches left open, some of which will be determined by tonight's game, some by MNF. Check the updated pick chart to see who needs what and check back tomorrow to see the results.

4:00 Sunday Games and MNF: Wrapping up the week with wins by Black And Blues Brothers, Deesato, Secretly Victorious, StuB and Ragesters. Nicely done, winners!

Big ups to Brenda's Bulldogs who went a stellar 12-of-14 this week and picked up this week's Player of the Week award.

Running late on this update (and a hectic week ahead, so next week's preview will probably be light), so check the finalized pick chart, see how you're looking in the Standings, and get your your picks in ahead of Thursday's game. Have a great week all!

North South
Brenda's Bulldogs
I Will Win It All
Louisville Islands
JPP's Missing Fingers
Mean Machine
Hoodie's Hoodlums
Black And Blues Brothers
East West
Mike C
Why Not Zoidberg?
Indiana Jems
Vlad M
Lyle Alzado
Secretly Victorious
North South
Delta Dawgs
Pigskin Palookas
Alabama Slammers
Rabid Ferrets
Beep Bops
LV-426 Xenomorphs
East West
Bad Mice
Evil Squad of Evil
Jeff B
Turf Toe
Fighting Sporks
Green Bowl Tokers

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