Welcome to this year's prop pool! 30 questions, ranging from the completely reasonable to the utterly nonsensical, all about what's going to happen during the big game.

The rules are simple -- fill out your sheet, and the top three players that get the most questions correct will each get a piece of the pie. There are 30 "this or that" questions, plus two tiebreakers that will be used if necessary.

A sheet costs $10 to fill out (you can fill out as many as you wish), and prizes will be paid out as follows:
First place: 60% of the total
Second place: 30% of the total
Third place: 10% of the total

If you'd like in, fill out the form below and either PayPal or Venmo your $10 to MAKE SURE to choose the "friends and family" option to ensure your full entry fee is sent without site fees. Also, avoid using the words "Super Bowl" or "Pool" in the comments -- they've been known to flag such transactions.

PICK SUBMISSION MUST BE TIMESTAMPED BEFORE 4:00 PM EASTERN ON SUPER BOWL SUNDAY. All submissions posted after that will be tossed.

Since people have had a few questions, I just want to clarify a few of these:

Q9: This is asking which type of commercial, an automobile one or a beer one, will air before the other kind post-kickoff. It doesn't matter if Pepsi commercial is the first one aired after kickoff, only what occurs first between these two types.

Q15: This is not asking if a team will score on three consecutive possessions, it's asking if a team will score three times without the other team scoring.

Q21 & 23: These are asking about single plays, not drives.

Q25: Even though possession doesn't technically change, muffed punts recovered by the kicking team are considered turnovers (had to look that one up).

Q29: If there is no Gatorade bath, then no one gets this correct (and it doesn't have to specifically be Gatorade -- whatever liquid dumped on the winning coach counts).

Hope this covers all the possible questions. That should do it, but if you need any more clarification, hit me up at (Except for you, Larry M.)

The day before the game, we'll post the majority of the entries in an Excel file here -- although there will likely be some that won't be there until the next day. I'll be bartending all day that Sunday and will have a paper version available for people there, so there will likely be some that don't get in until that day. But for transparency sake, there will be plenty of people that will have access to both the site and the paper sheets. I'll put all the paper entries onto this site on Monday, and we'll figure out all the winners then, with payments sent out shortly thereafter.

2/14 UPDATE: THE PICKS ARE IN -- You can find a spreadsheet with all of your picks here. There are a few fields that are marked "N/A". These are sheets that were handed in without all the fields marked off. As mentioned above, this will likely not be the final list as there will be people handing in sheets at the bar today. All results will be posted Monday, Tuesday at the very latest.

Good luck, and let's hope the Super Bowl winds up being as good a game as those last two playoff rounds were!

Thanks much,

2/15 UPDATE: All done! 85 paid entries means an $850 pot. Congratulations to the winners:

1st place, 60% of the pot = $510: Jim Brennan with 22 correct picks
2nd place, 30% of the pot = $255: Arnold Fucci Ring with 20 correct picks and a closer first tiebreaker
3rd place, 10% of the pot = $85: Brandon Ring with 20 correct picks

Thanks for everyone for participating -- it worked out really well, and I don't know if it added anything to your Super Bowl viewing experience, but at the place I bartend, it was a huge boost. That first commercial after kickoff...and it was showing all those people running through the woods and stuff, and we had no idea what it was. Then that Toyota logo came up, the place went fricking insane with half the crowd yelling "CAAAAARRRR!!" and the other half booing. 🙂

We'll be doing this again next year, so keep an eye out. Have a good one everybody!